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About Us

Stephen Donnelly & Associates is a full-service marketing, communications and consultation firm serving businesses in the Southern Tier of New York as well as nationally. With clients in a broad range of industries and specialties, SD&A uses its cumulative experience in the media and communications field to develop extensive and comprehensive strategies tailored to the specific needs of each business.

What We Do

SD&A clients can custom fit their services depending on their requirements, whether it be supplementing an in-house marketing or communications team, launching a new business or initiative or acting as a satellite communications department. By providing quality and measurable marketing plans, public relations efforts, grassroots and digital marketing, advertising and media buying, creative direction and more, SD&A has a proven track record in catapulting businesses of varying sizes to success. Utilizing palpable industry experience in tandem with a forward-thinking, next-generation approach, SD&A can provide valuable benefits like increasing the visibility and awareness of your brand, developing lasting relationships with your consumers, building credibility in your industry and positioning your business as an industry leader.