By providing quality and measurable marketing plans, public relations efforts, grassroots and digital marketing, advertising and media buying, creative direction and more, SD&A has a proven track record in catapulting businesses of varying sizes to success. Utilizing palpable industry experience in tandem with a forward-thinking, next-generation approach, SD&A can provide valuable benefits like increasing the visibility and awareness of your brand, developing lasting relationships with your consumers, building credibility in your industry and positioning your business as an industry leader.


Your brand should be the core of your business. Gone are the days of the past where a brand simply meant a logo or label on a product. A strong brand in today’s business landscape requires a voice and personality that resonates with its audience. SD&A can help your business develop strategic and consistent brand equity through a comprehensive plan to establish a company vision, identify your target audience and craft coherent messaging, visual aesthetics and brand tone.

Graphic Design & Logo Design

Communicating your brand story is done with more than just words. The visual component of your logo, branding, social media and website design is a critical opportunity to communicate with your audience. Effective graphic and logo design can build brand awareness and even influence the customer’s decision-making process. With our combined design and marketing capabilities, SD&A can guide you to develop visual branding that effectively communicates what your business is all about.

Traditional, Digital & Grassroots Marketing

Today’s marketing landscape is more complex than ever, but SD&A is well-versed in the components necessary for an effective marketing strategy. Most agencies offer just traditional marketing services like media buying, outreach and networking, but we understand that sometimes, achieving certain marketing goals requires a boots-on-the-ground approach. We pride ourselves on successfully employing grassroots marketing strategies to target your specific audience and build positive buzz about your business in your community.

Market Research, Business Consulting & Strategy

SD&A understands that having access to accurate and thorough information is the cornerstone of any successful business venture, which is why we prioritize providing our clients with the most detailed market research and strategic options. With our team of seasoned marketing and communications professionals, we can provide your business with strategic marketing plans and business consultations that will help you conceptualize the best avenues to become a leader in your industry and connect with your audience.

Communications & Social Media

As technology has rapidly advanced in the past few decades, much of what we used to define as “communications” has moved online. Utilizing best practices for social media marketing and online engagement is now imperative for businesses looking to set themselves apart. Whether you need help generating a content calendar or want to hand over your social media presence to experts who understand the nuances of this ever-changing digital landscape, SD&A has the knowledge and creativity to set your business apart in today’s often oversaturated online space.

Public Relations

Public relations is essentially the art of storytelling. SD&A is here to ask what story your business would like to tell. Your image is integral to the success of your business, and we are here to craft a narrative that puts your business in the best possible light. From writing press releases and pitching stories to local and national media outlets to creating and executing special events, our team is well qualified to build a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and their public.

Printing & Promotional Products

You’ve worked hard on your branding and logo – the next step is to build awareness. SD&A can help with everything from printing business cards to facilitating the design of a giveaway t-shirt. Promotional products and printed materials can make your business look more professional and keep your branding at the top of your audience’s mind.

Government Affairs

With our extensive communications skills, the SD&A team is well equipped to keep the public informed about the activity of government agencies, explain policy and manage political communications efforts. We have palpable experience working as a liaison between government agencies and the public and have long-standing relationships with both local and state government.


Understanding marketing analytics allows businesses to be more aware of how their marketing efforts are delivering return on investment. SD&A has the capability to offer detailed analytics reports to full inform your communications efforts.

Video & Ad Production

Video content has become a crucial element of a modern digital marketing strategy, whether you are looking to raise awareness of your brand on social media or create commercials or advertising campaigns. SD&A has in-house capabilities spanning the whole video production process, from storyboarding and concept creation to media placement.